Growing an O&P Business

CEC Can Help You Grow Your Business

We help O&P practices and manufacturers of all sizes.

Whether you are opening a business in a new market or you’ve been established for years, we can help you earn new referrals. CEC works with O&P facilities of all sizes from multi-office, multi-state practices to small “mom and pop” patient care facilities.

The current health care climate has made the orthotics and prosthetics industry a challenging environment in which to grow and thrive. Many practitioners do not have the time or resources to find new referral sources; managing everything from audits to accreditation, as well as patient care, sometimes marketing ends up on the back burner.

CEC can provide you with an education-based marketing platform that will:

  • differentiate your business from your competitors
  • solidify your position as the O&P expert in your market
  • provide opportunities for you to meet new referral sources
  • develop and maintain meaningful relationships

All you have to do is teach people about what you do. 

Increase Referrals from Existing Clients

Our education-based marketing platform will help you earn more referrals from therapists you already know.

Solidify your existing relationships by regularly providing education to your established referral sources. A regular, ongoing presence in their facilities will be a consistent reminder of who you are and what services your business provides. We’re all busy. Even the most loyal referrer needs to be reminded about the services you offer. 

The CEC platform has opened so many doors.  My relationship with the therapy community has never been stronger.  We've really become a team.  The results for our patients have been impressive.  This is marketing as its meant to be.    

—Mollie Matthews, CPO,  owner, Renew Prosthetics & Orthotics

Discover New Referral Sources

CEC’s education-based marketing platform helps you earn new referrals from therapists you’ve never met. Most therapists require continuing education credits to maintain their professional licenses and they’re eager for information about orthotics and prosthetics.

Teaching our course material in the clinics and facilities where therapists see their patients will solidify your position as the local prosthetic and orthotic expert. Having a consistent presence in their offices will give them the opportunity to get to know, like, and trust you.

No more lunches. No more off-the-cuff in-services. Deliver professional, approved for credit lectures and become an integral part of the rehabilitation team. 

I opened my private practice 11 years ago and started with CEC immediately to get my branding out to the local healthcare professionals. As a one-man practice, I was not sure if I was biting off more than I could chew. I quickly realized what a difference this program makes to my practice. I’ve built relationships with many referral sources. The program has even gotten me into facilities where I was previously unable to “get my foot in the door.” I firmly believe partnering with CEC has allowed me to strengthen my relationships with my referrals and continue to grow my practice.

–Marc Werner, CPO, Long Island Orthotics & Prosthetics

Become the Local O&P Expert

How do you want your referral sources to see you? As a caterer, bringing bagels and cream cheese? As a sales rep, trying to get you to “buy” the latest brace? No way! You’re a credentialed healthcare professional who plays a critical role in the recovery and well being of amputees and those in need of orthotic assistance. You are the expert in your field!

The best way to showcase your expertise is by presenting a series of courses about orthotics and prosthetics. Providing high quality continuing education about orthotics and prosthetics to therapists is a key component in the rehabilitation team building process that is imperative to quality patient outcomes.

I started using CEC last year and let me tell you - it works! The therapists appreciate the credit opportunities and I appreciate being able to present on a wide variety of O&P topics. Couple that with the email newsletter program and it's the best thing since peanut butter and jelly!

—Jim Young, CP, LP, FAAOP Amputee Prosthetic Clinic

Long-term Marketing Strategies and Execution

Education-based marketing is not a quick fix. This is a commitment designed to achieve long-term, consistent growth. You are teaching a series of courses in therapy clinics. You are providing an ongoing continuing education program, not just random in-services. You will provide therapists with a significant portion of their yearly CEU requirements.

Patient outcomes will benefit from this long-term communication strategy. You will save time answering commonly asked questions in your group presentations. Consistent, scheduled interaction with the therapy community strengthens relationships.

At DeLaTorre O & P we were always looking for a way to easily offer continuing education credits to our referral sources.  CEC was a perfect solution.  Their services continue to grow to make it a good match for maturing referral relationships.  We have added the email newsletter the past two years and this year the continuing education presentations for physicians.  We get emails from our referral health systems asking for our speakers and this content for their in-house education programs.  We have become their O & P experts.  

-  Libby Johnston, Clinical Relations Representative, DeLaTorre Orthotics & Prosthetics